What are the advantages of the MoveMaster's horizontal handle?

The handle is unique in the horizontal design. This principle allows the hand to rest loosely and comfortably, even for longer periods of time, and the wrist can be used to control the device. In parallel, you have 5 fingers free for actions that can be performed simultaneously, thanks to the specially arranged keys. The resulting combination and action possibilities, which are now feasible and were previously only possible with difficulty or not at all, are self-explanatory along with the other advantages. With a keyboard or even a vertical joystick grip, all this would be difficult or impossible.

For which games can I use the MoveMaster?

The MoveMaster was designed for use in shooter applications. Exactly where many said there was no alternative to the keyboard. We hereby prove the opposite. This genre is probably the most demanding in terms of control, and it was clear to us that it would now also work in the other gaming areas such as simulations or strategy games. In total, we tested for well over 2500 hours. Among them programs like Arma3, Fallout, FarCry, PuBG, CS GO, WarThunder, WOT, Rome2, Star Citizen, Shogun TotalWar, MenOfWarAssaultSquad and many more. The MoveMaster created a completely overwhelming gaming experience. But the MoveMaster could also be an asset in various professions.

Why aren't there more buttons?

The MoveMaster is a purist device. That means: only as many keys as necessary, clearly and simply structured. We don’t want a confusing sea of keys like on the keyboard or like it is or was often the case with other devices. It is confusing and you lose track of the assignments due to the quantity. We therefore optimize the key options with double assignments (continuous pressure, double pressure, combinations and macros). In addition, you can still use the keyboard and all other peripherals in parallel, should you actually need additional functions. Further developments like the additional module (ButtonCommander) with further 8 keys are also planned in the new injection molding version.

How quickly can you react and how precisely can you control?

Due to the extremely short lever travels, the reaction time can even be increased compared to the keyboard with appropriate practice. In addition, the fast response and tactile zeroing create precise control. Since optical key control is no longer necessary, you don’t waste unnecessary time searching for the right keys.

Isn't it more exhausting than using the keyboard?

On the contrary. The ergonomics and the comfortable positioning without having to permanently press a key reduce the strain immensely. This is particularly noticeable in open world games, for example, or in massive continuous use. The keyboard is and remains a writing instrument and was basically only “abused” until today.

How stable is the MoveMaster on the table?

Due to the construction with the solid steel plate, extra weights and the foam rubber slip stopper, a stable stand is guaranteed. The higher dead weight reinforces this property.

Can anyone use the MoveMaster and how long does it take to learn how to use it?

Whether professional, beginner or novice, tests showed that the intuitive operation guarantees a quick start. Nevertheless, you need a period of acclimation and patience if you want to exhaust the MoveMaster, because you are learning a completely new concept and your body/nerves/receptors have to adapt. Experience showed that after about 1 week no one thinks about the keyboard, etc., and the skill continues to increase. After about 4 weeks, the keyboard even felt “alienating” for the test subjects.

What tips and tricks are there and what should you pay special attention to?

The correct position of the arm is important, which should rest on the table approximately up to the elbow. The MoveMaster must therefore be positioned correspondingly low in the table to achieve perfect handling.
In addition, you have to learn that you only have to move your wrist a little to perform an action already and the looser your hand is while doing so, the higher the efficiency will be.
The sensitive handle should always be treated with care. Rotation of the handle around its axis is not possible and could damage the MoveMaster (see note with the operating instructions).
A key assignment with Shift could create a double assignment by simultaneous pressing if the game/program allows it. This would have almost doubled the possible key assignment.

How does the MoveMaster software work?

This was specially designed for the MoveMaster. This allows you to assign each key individually and also save the configuration in a separate file. This way, you have the specific assignment ready for the most diverse programs. Updates and new firmware can be uploaded automatically with the click of a button.