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Discover the MoveMaster - the hybrid joystick with a revolutionary control concept.

The MoveMaster is manufactured exclusively in Germany to the highest quality standards. Equipped with mechanical movement buttons that can withstand well over 1 million switching cycles and the quiet Cherry MX switch, the MoveMaster offers an incomparable user experience that provides a completely new gaming experience. The hybrid joystick works with an ATMEGA MCU and has an integrated USB hub 2.0 as well as an innovative "SWA1" button change system.

Our device is made of high-quality and durable materials that offer high stability and strength. The movement unit is made of extra-hardened plastic, while the base plate is made of A2 stainless steel with anti-slip pads. All screws and bolts are made of A2 stainless steel and the durable USB connection cable is made of bonded nylon.

The MoveMaster works with a digital steering and has compact dimensions of 130mm x 135mm x 80mm. With a total weight of 790 grams, it offers a non-slip and stable position. The movement switches enable mechanical and linear actions. As do the 10 primary and secondary buttons. The handle requires an actuating force of around 1 N (100 grams). For fast and precise control, the lever travel of the handle to contact closure is approximately 1 mm.


  • Exclusive production
  • Mechanical motion switches with high performance quality
  • (> 1 million switching cycles)
  • Cherry Silent MX
  • USB-Hub 2.0
  • Switch quick-change system “SWA”
  • Assembly and quality control ‘Made in Germany’


  • Plastic parts with high quality and resistant material with high stability and strength
  • Movement unit with extra hardened plastic
  • Base plate made of A2 stainless steel with anti-slip pads
  • Screws and bolts made of A2 stainless steel
  • Resistant bonded nylon USB connection cable 1,8 m


  • Digital control
  • Housing dimensions
    130mm x 135mm x 80mm
  • Total weight 790 gram
  • Mechanical and Linear Motion/Primary/Secondary Keys
  • Expendable operating force through the handle ≈ 1 N (100 grams)
  • Lever travel of the handle to contact closure ≈ 1 mm

Interaction of hardware/software

Key press latency:

A data set of 10,000 latency measurements was collected.
Minimum latency time: 0.568 ms.
Maximum latency: 9.017 ms.
Median latency time: 2.53 ms.
Average latency time: 2.456 ms.
Standard deviation: 0.533 ms.
99% of all latency measurements were below 3.596 ms, which is the threshold for the highest 1% of delays.