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MoveMaster Hybridjoystick, RSG 1/R

With the MOVEMASTER RSG control concept and its exciting stealth optics, you will rediscover gaming!

(12 customer reviews)
  • Highly precise and responsive control through the grip piece
  • Adaptation to the anatomy of the hand through individual adjustment options
  • Tactile and ergonomic shape and button arrangement
  • Cherry MX Silent switches
  • Switches are replaceable
  • Dual USB 2.0 HUB

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The haptic housing of the MoveMaster RSG 1/R ergonomically adapts to the respective anatomy of the human hand with its adjustment and adaptation options, providing an unparalleled control and gaming experience. The MoveMaster features 10 physical buttons and 4 additional motion buttons on the grip piece, perfectly arranged for intuitive operation. Their functionality can be freely configured using the software, and potentially also doubling possible key assignments.

The MoveMaster can be operated alongside the keyboard and other common peripheral devices.  

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 21 cm
Product weight


Product dimensions

‎ 13 x 13,5 x 8 cm

Model number

RSG 1/R Anthracite 

Item number


Software compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 as well as Linux


Right-handed version (Movemaster on the left, mouse on the right)

Country of origin


12 reviews for MoveMaster Hybridjoystick, RSG 1/R

  1. Dmitrij Ruppert (verified owner)

    Da ich ein Problem mit meiner linken Hand habe und nach langer Spielsession und ewiges drücken von WASD, hatte ich immer Schmerzen in der Hand. Ich war auf der suche nach einer Lösung. Gamepad ist eine, aber Maus kann nichts ersetzen. Da bin ich auf MoveMaster gestoßen. Nach kurzem überlegen, habe ich bestellt. Jetzt bin ich schwer begeistert und mit WASD möchte ich nicht mehr spielen! Absolut TOP Produkt, solide und qualitativ hochwertig gebaut. Nach kurzer Gewöhnungszeit will man nicht mehr ohne spielen. Next level gaming! Sehr empfehlenswert!

  2. r00k (verified owner)

    Fantastic company. My unit showed up faulty. When I reached out they helped troubleshoot the device. It was deemed necessary to return the unit, for which they provided a shipping label, and sent a new unit to me as a replacement. They were always communicative about progress, I never had to ping them to see what was going on. The product is great as you can see from the other reviews, but what I think is special is how a company handles bumps in the road, and this company was amazing. Truly customer focused.

  3. Steffen

    Absolutes geniales Teil!

  4. Tobi (verified owner)

    DWDSADWDADSWDWDZXCVZA1W234a < Thats my current default line everytime my hands reach for the keyboard and accidentally go to the movemaster instead 😀 It will take some getting used to but already love it and build quality lines up well with the price. Config software is also simple and easy to use, add 2 USB ports are really usefull as well. GG

  5. Martin

    It certainly takes some getting used to, but it's worth it. I'm absolutely thrilled, for me it's the best input device (I've had others) for fast games. I also have to emphasize the really high quality of the Movemaster. Everything is solid, nothing wobbles or sits loose, simply really high quality. That's not a given with other brand manufacturers! A clear recommendation to buy!

  6. Stefan Huonker (verified owner)

    The first Movemaster was already great. But the new one is even better and the quality and workmanship have improved significantly. I can only recommend every PC gamer to get one. PC gaming next level, it improves the gaming experience by worlds.

  7. Raphael (verified owner)

    A top device, it is great in the hand and gives you some tactical advantages. I love it

  8. Markus (verified owner)

    Interesting concept, but very suitable for gaming after a little familiarization. The controls require some practice, but are then really much better than using a keyboard.

    The software is intuitive to use! I certainly haven't regretted buying it - unlike some gaming side keyboards that I never warmed to.

  9. jam-design

    simply a revolution! i am proud to see the movemaster starting to conquer the world. just try it. you will be get hooked!

  10. Zerox

    Super Gerät! Viel intuitiver als man denkt.
    Bringt so einige Vorteile beim zocken!
    Klare Empfehlung 🙂

  11. Tobias ‘Corben78’ Krummen

    This device is a game changer! I started with the 3d printed version, and the RSG version is an awesome improvment! You can do movements with the MoveMaster that are way more inconvenient to operate on the keyboard. I’m not using the old-fashioned device called keyboard for gaming anymore. Not only for FPS games like Everspace 2, Returnal and many more, also RTS games or even for VR games (seated) this device is mandatory.

  12. Simon Glashauser (NonSinn)

    I was skeptical at first... You try it once, a second time, and it's always weird. But you can't stop either. And then comes the point where you realize, WASD is so wrong 😀 From then on, the Movemaster is like an addiction!

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